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EBC Korea Co. Ltd.
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EBC Korea Co. Ltd.

Address: Room No. 1222,
Byucksan Digital Valley II #481-10,
Gasan Dong, Keum Cheon Gu, Seoul, Korea
PC: 153783
Tel: + 82 - 2 - 2113 - 1700
Fax: + 82 - 2 - 2113 - 1701
Website: www.ebckorea.com
E-mail: ebc@ebckorea.com
Jhames Lee  (General Drector)
Products & Business:
Nagative Expander (Negative Plate Additives ),
Raw Materials & Manufacturing Equipment
for Lead-acid Battery
Established in 1987, EBC Korea Co. Ltd. is specialized in battery components, materials, battery manufacturing machine / equipment and its spare parts for domestic and overseas market. Based on the business policy “Best Service, Lower Prices and Full Knowledge" for all items we handle, we are doing our best to satisfy our customers. For more 20 years experience in battery business, we have been storing massive data for worldwide battery related industries. With the data, we can serve ‘Know-How', ‘Know-Who' and ‘Know-Where' to our customers. EBC Korea Co. Ltd. is representing Atomized Products Group, Inc. (A.P.G.) in Korean & Asian market, who is a global provider in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of battery expander (TEXEX EXPANDER brand) for a wide range of applications. TEXEX Expander has a lot of strong points comparing to conventional expander or other competitor's expander in the quality, price and service, and now it is being used by lots of battery manufacturers with good reputation.
This product is supplying to all of leading manufacturer in Korean market as well USA, Latin America, European country. For your information, all of Korean battery manufacturer are applying this products without any problem, the SLI production is recorded 35 million batteries yearly, 60~70 % of entire products are exporting world market.
Additionally, EBC Korea Co. Ltd. is also handling the following items.
Battery Container & Cover (Korea / Italy), Battery Terminal (Germany), Separator (Luxembourg), Cork Powder (U.S.A. / Portugal), COS Flux (Korea), Fiber Flock (Korea / U.S.A. / U.K), Pasting Paper & Nonwoven Fabric (Korea), Printing Ink (Korea / Japan / Thailand), Epoxy Resin (Korea / Japan / China), Hot Melt (Korea), Battery Indicator (Korea / China), Flame Arrestor (Korea / China), Colloidal Silica (Korea), Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate and etc.
As for battery manufacturing equipment & spare parts, we can supply you with Lead Powder System, Casting Machine (grid caster), Spine grid extruder, Mixer, Pasting Machine, Flash Dry Oven, Dry Tunnel, Assembling system (Korea), Acid filler, Dumping M / C, Washing M / C, Pasting Belts (U.S.A./Italy),Mesh Belt(U.S.A.) and etc.
You can be served the further information at our web site at www.ebckorea.com.
Any inquiries or questions at any time regarding our products are always welcome.

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